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  • PowerShell: When iterating directories, PowerShell skips directories with brackets in name

    While writing a short script to find empty directories in my Music folder, PowerShell was skipping directories with brackets ([,]) in the name. Here’s the contents of the directory: E:\TEMP\PsExample> Get-ChildItem Directory: E:\TEMP\PsExample Mode LastWriteTime Length Name —- ————- —— —- d—- 10/31/2021 9:22 AM [bracketempty] d—- 10/31/2021 9:07 AM [brackets] d—- 10/31/2021 9:22 AM…

  • Backing Up Tiny Tiny RSS Database (Docker)

    I have a simple script that will dump the database and prune older backups. This is run daily by a systemd timer. The script: The systemd service: The systemd timer: PS: After I setup this backup system, the official docker-compose setup was changed to include an automatic back up feature. Since the machine this is…

  • Raspberry Pi Desktop for PC, Hyper-V, Enhanced Session, No Mouse or Keyboard After Log In

    I have installed Raspberry Pi Desktop for PC in Hyper-V and setup Enhanced Session mode using xrdp by following directions on Github. Everything seems to work fine, however, after log in, you will not be able to click or type. Some tell-tale info was revealed in the .xorgxrdp.1.log file: 28.887 ServerLayout “ServerLayout0” … 28.924 Failed…

  • Bufferbloat is still a thing?

    I haven’t heard of Bufferbloat in ages…. The problem at the time was that every video or audio application — the big bandwidth consumers — was trying to solve performance issues… Except performance didn’t improve… https://betanews.com/2021/02/05/wi-fi-6-is-a-bust-bufferbloat/ I use a MikroTik router and AP with queues setup for bandwidth management. Unfortunately, MikroTik does not currently support…

  • Article on PowerShell Parameter Sets

    Jeff Brown Tech has a nice tutorial on using Parameter Sets in PowerShell. Parameter Sets let you define separate groups of parameters for your functions or cmdlets. How to Write Awesome Functions with PowerShell Parameter Sets Jeff Brown Tech

  • Blocking Ads on Microsoft News with uBlock Origin

    This filter will block the ad cards on Microsoft News. microsoftnews.msn.com##[class^=”nativeAd-DS-“]

  • Excel – LET – Names in Formulas

    LET should make editing formulas much easier the future. Earlier this year we announced the release of a new function, LET, which allows you to give names to calculations or expressions in your formulae (Announcing LET). As of earlier this month, the LET function is now generally available within the Production audience! LET Generally Available…

  • Be Kind

    We’re all in this together.

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